DNP AGPCNP Graduates Profile:

The graduates of the SJBSM DNP AGPCNP will be nurse scholars who will have the competencies to:

  1. Assume with autonomy the advanced practice role as adult gerontology nurse practitioner.
  2. Integrate theory and evidence based research into practice with individuals and population.
  3. Evaluate client responses to health, illness and social determinants as a basis for health promotion, mental, physical, functional abilities and the prevention of illness.
  4. Diagnose, manage and evaluate outcomes for acute and chronic health conditions including ordering and interpreting tests and diagnostic procedures, prescribing pharmacology and non - pharmacology treatments.
  5. Offer counseling and educate patients about positive health and lifestyle measures to achieve health promotion and disease prevention, wellness, self- care and disease prevention and management.
  6. Apply advanced practice nursing interventions based on knowledge of the interrelationship among person, environment, health and nursing in a diverse care population.
  7. Engage leadership roles in nursing education, health care, research, and health care policy at the local, regional and national level.
  8. Adapt professionally to the constantly changing in the healthcare environment
  9. Use, develop, implement and assess advanced nursing practice strategies to meet patient goals and assure quality of care.
  10. Design, conduct, lead, and report health care evidence-based capstone projects to generate nursing knowledge aimed at changing nursing science or practice.
  11. Become mentors to other nurse practitioners and nurse scholars. Provide leadership in affecting positive change in professional, social, political and ethical situations to advanced nursing, health care, and health policy.
  12. Influence professional values and practice. Advocate for the nursing profession and the Role of the AGPCNP values and practice.
  13. Demonstrate role competence as Advanced practice nurse in providing compassionate, safe, and ethical care to individuals, groups, families and community including vulnerable population.