The MPH program establishes in its mission that service is one of the focuses of the curriculum to prepare future public health professionals with the necessary competencies to address public health issues in Puerto Rico. The MPH program offers many opportunities to introduce students to service, community engagement, and professional development. Students participate in the SJBSM community program (SJBCP). Also, the Public Health Student Society, organizes community and other activities on the national themes of the American Public Health Association.

Also, the curriculum provides several opportunities for service, community engagement, and professional development. MPH students can volunteer or do internships in areas of interest in the collaborating agencies where SJBSM has Memorandums of Understanding (MOU).

As part of the MPH 5321 Health Promotion & Disease Prevention and MPH 5602 EBPH – Applied Practice Experience courses, students must develop products focused on educating the community on public health issues and disseminate them through SJBSM electronic sources of communication (e.g., website, institutional email, social media. etc.). Students discuss the aspects of health education and health promotion programs for successful disease prevention strategies and health maintenance in the communities.

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Public Health Community Services Activities