Is the Early Decision Program right for you?

Early Decision at San Juan Bautista School of Medicine (SJBSM) is a binding program and is a suitable option for exceptionally qualified candidates who know they wish to attend SJBSM. The Office of Admissions agrees to process the application expeditiously and will provide a decision prior to October 1st. The applicant agrees to refrain from applying to other medical schools until the Committee on Admissions reaches a decision and further agrees that, should an acceptance be offered, he/she will attend SJBSM and will not submit applications to any other medical school.

Early Decision Prodcedures

  • Candidates considering an Early Decision must contact the Office of Admissions prior to July 15th and before submitting their AMCAS application, at email: to arrange to speak with the Director of Admissions
  • Initial applications may be processed only through AMCAS, but must be notified please provide our office with written or email notification of your intention to apply Early Decision. This notification should include a statement that you agree to apply to no other medical school until SJBSM acts on your application and that you will accept an offer of admission should one be extended. Upon receipt of this notification and your AMCAS application we will request letters of recommendation and additional supporting materials. The AMCAS application and all other documents must be received prior to August 1.
  • Your completed Early Decision application will be reviewed promptly by our Committee on Admissions and, if appropriate, you will be invited to visit our campus for an interview sometime from mid-August to mid-September.
  • We will reach a decision on your Early Decision application and notify you no later than October 1. If accepted, you will have our binding commitment of a seat in the next entering class. If deferred, your application will be considered again in the context of our entire applicant pool but you are free to apply to other medical schools. If declined, you are free to concentrate your efforts on other medical schools.

Successful early decision applicants avoid the arduous process of applying to many medical schools and SJBSM has an opportunity to accept some of the best qualified applicants in the country. If you have questions about Early Decision application, feel free to contact the Office of Admissions at