January 11, 2020 - Clinic Response to Earthquake South Area of Puerto Rico

Given the events that have been taking place in the south of Puerto Rico today, the following group of students was providing medical support in the Quebrada neighborhood in Guayanilla: EDISON MARTINEZ KIMBERLY ALICEA IDARMIS TORRES CAROLINA HUERTAS

January 12, 2020 - Clinic Response to Earthquake South Area of Puerto Rico

Today in Guayanilla
Our thanks to: CLINIC 1 Indios neighborhood Dr. Manuel Perez Pabon Dr. Robert Engel Dra. Lorimar Ortiz Dr Tim Dye CLINIC 2 Urb. Santa Elena Dr. Enid Soto Dra. Laura Franqui
And to the students: Natalie Weiner - Alanis Morales - Gabriela Rosario - Noelia García - Gabriel Ramírez - Gianina Hernández - Francisco Rodríguez - Matías Rojas - Luis Lastra - Luisandrea Morales - Sebastián Castaño - Casey Gilman - Natalie Fernández - Marjorie Suarez - Johanna Lee - Andrea Collazo - Gretchen Nieves - Mayra Gonzalez - Stephanie Riera - Charles Castro - Abner German - Fernando Boria - Jose Irizarry - Koby Bonilla - Fabiola Rodriguez - Jomaris Centeno - Dalilah Reyes - Yadier Britto - Maydaliz Alcocer - Francine Loren - Jose Alvarado - Moses II Cintron - Andrew Engel

January 18, 2020 - Clinic Response to Earthquake in the South Area of Puerto Rico

Christian Arroyo • Maria Elena Carvajal • Ashley Garcia • Bryan Colon • Vicente Covas • Stephanie Riera
SJB in the south: Athletic Track Refuge in Peñuelas
On this occasion two (2) Clinics were offered:
Pediatrics clinic: Francine Tait • Ninoshka Gentleman • Miranda Berguer
Adult clinic: Edison Martinez • Gabriel Sacarello • Raul Rios • Natalie Weiner
The students of the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine: Taimy Falcón • Evián Pérez • Nicole Febles, they were in the Dra. Santos Camp in Guayanilla, providing health services to the entire community. About 70 patients were cared for.
These young women were working in coordination with the following volunteer medical personnel: Dr. Santiago, Endocrinology (Ponce) • Dr. Reyes, Family Medicine (Fajardo) • Dr. Casiano, Family Medicine (Fajardo) • Dr. Medina, Gastroenterology (Ponce) • Dr. Marcantoni, Internal Medicine (Ciales)

Punto Esperanza Clinic

San Juan Bautista School of Medicine provided health services: blood pressure, blood glucose evaluation, BMI measurement and general health consultation.
Faculty: Prof. Grisel Burgos
Students: Natasha Mederos • Miranda Núñez • Matías Rojas • Gabriela Guadalupe • Mayra Gonzalez • Claudia Arenas • Johanna Lee • Carlos Ojeda • Gabriela Diaz • Marjorie Suarez

January 19, 2020 - Clinic Response to Earthquake in the South Area of Puerto Rico

Two (2) types of interventions were performed: the Clinical and the Psychological. In order to meet medical and psychological needs more effectively; This intervention was house to house. Around 60 homes were visited, impacting approximately 150 people.
Thanks to the people who donated their time for this Clinic to take place:
Clinic: Dr. Perez-Balion (SJB Alumni), Gabriela Guadalupe, Luis E. Román, Saribel Torres, Josue Andino, Luis G. Sanchez Rodriguez, Juan A. Silva Aponte, José Rafael Muñiz González, Roberto J. Torres, Sofia Martir, Evian Perez Rivera, Edgar Serrato, Nelson Castillo, Mayra Gonzalez, Carolina Guerrero, Carolina Huertas Ayala.
Psychological: The group that provided Psychological First Aid was: Dr. Gerardo Collazo (SJB Alumni), Dr. Jaime Torres, Andrea Rosa Vázquez and Xiomara Molina


Impacting Lives in the Medical Community: An initiative coordinated by SJBSM students, faculty and Puerto Rico Therapy Dogs Provide therapy sessions with dogs.
Place: Centro de Envejecientes Home Estates in Montehiedra.
Faculty: Prof. Grisel Burgos.
Students: Natasha Mederos Rocha and Nathalie Chang

SJBSM / PR Health & Justice Center @ Utuado

The Puerto Rico Health Justice Center, in coordination with the Puerto Rico Police, was on Thursday, January 23, in the town of Utuado, offering help. On this occasion the CSJPR provided the community with the following workshops: Anxiety Management for Adults and Emotions Workshop for minors with interactive games. The following supplies were also delivered: personal hygiene items, disposable diapers, and children's games.

January 25, 2020 - Clinic Response to Earthquake in the South Area of Puerto Rico

We thank this group of people who have been providing medical services in this sector today, they are: Dr. Mirian Ramos, Dr. Christian Rodríguez, Dr. Javier Chapa, Prof. Ada Cortés, Mr. Morales-Nurse, Mrs. Acosta-Nurse , John Pendas and Edison Martínez


Place: Organización ACUDE (Alianza de Comunidades Unidas De Emergencia)
Participants: Student - Danilea Carmona.

In times to be prepared, the ACUDE Organization (Alliance of United Emergency Communities) asked the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine for the Workshop: Sutures and First Aid in Times of Disasters. This Workshop was offered today Saturday, January 25 by the student


The Puerto Rico Health and Justice Center with part of its work team: social workers, health educators, nurses and psychologists were providing psychological help to this sector. This community is isolated and very little help has come to this sector. In addition, they provided educational materials for the children and some snacks for the entire community.


Impacting Lives in the Medical Community An initiative coordinated by SJBSM students,faculty and Puerto Rico Therapy Dogs Provide therapy sessions with dogs.
Place: Hospital General Menonita de Aibonito
Faculty: Prof. Grisel Burgos,
Students: Melyorise Sepúlveda - MS2, Nathalie Chang - MS2, Adriana Candelaria - MS2, Luis Biescas - MS2.