Paws Impacting Lives in the Medical Community

On Sunday, January 13, PAWS was at Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital in San Juan. The students who participated in this initiative were: Casey Gilman, Jacob Alexander, Natalie Fernandez, Alan Marquez Each student accompanied with his due therapist, as can be seen in the photos

Vital Signs Workshop

On Saturday, January 19, 2019, students Edison Martinez and Carolina Huertas were administering a Vital Signs Workshop to Adventist Medical Cadets of Rio Piedras. These young cadets share the same commitment to the community as the students of the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine.

Our Heroes of the Punto de Esperanza Clinic

Every month, the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine has a commitment to the Community of Santurce; with your Punto de Esperanza Clinic. This Clinic is highly anticipated by the residents of Santurce. For some people in this community it is the only opportunity to receive a medical service. The students who participated in this activity were: Idarmis Torres, Edison Martínez, Gabriela Guadalupe, Ashley García, Carolina Huertas, Joel Diaz, Hazel Roxas, Christian Arroyo, Andrea Collazo, Ana Recinto Baez, José Alvarado, Marjorie Suárez, Laura Franqui and Alessandro Avila

PAWS: Impacting Lives in the Medical Community

The PAWS Student Association: Impacting Lives in the Medical Community of SJB, along with PR therapists Theraphy Dogs was offering therapies on Monday, January 21 at Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital. The students who participated in this activity were: ATHENA DAO CRISTINA AMADOR KIARA RIVERA

Doggie Love For All!

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

The Students Association PMR (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) of SJB, on Saturday, January 26, was offering a Health Fair in Arecibo Recreation Square. It focused on the use of medications in people diagnosed with diabetes and / or hypertension. In addition, the following screening tests were offered: body mass index, blood glucose levels and blood pressure taking. We appreciate the participation of Dr. Ortiz Corrada who accompanied us in this event. This Health Fair was made possible thanks to the participation of the following students: DANIEL REYES, JOSE ALVARADO, MARJORIE SUAREZ, XAYISNALIE MARTINEZ, RICHARD ANDUJAR, VERONICA LAYRISSE, NATASHA MEDEROS, MARIA CARVAJAL, KIMBERLY VELAZQUEZ, ADRIANA CANDELARIA, MARTIN ROLDAN AND SARIBEL TORRES

PAWS: Impacting Lives in the Medical Community

Once again, this dynamic group was on Saturday, January 26 at the San Lucas de Ponce Hospital visiting the patients in Pediatrics and Pediatrics Intensive. Very therapeutic for these little patients !!! The group of SJB students that accompanied these therapists were: Stephanie M. Riera Lisandris Dominicci Frances Cintron

Suture Interactive Workshop

Offered to students of the CIMATEC Specialized School of Science and Mathematics The students who offered this Workshop were: SANTOS ORTIZ MARIMER RIVERA JOSE ALVARADO JOANIE FIGUEROA CHRISTINA AMADOR January 31, 2019.