SJBSM supports a large variety of student organizations. Currently, students can become part of almost 30 different student groups. The focus of these groups, ranging from service to specialty interests, are extremely diverse and offer a wide variety of activities for students to engage in and outside of the classroom. 

  1. Consejo General de Estudiantes
  2. Radiology Interest Group
  3. Internal Medicine Interest Group
  4. Family Medicine
  5. Latino Medical Student Association LMSA
  6. Surgery Interest Group (SIG) & Association of Women Surgeons (AWS) Chapter
  7. SJB Christian Fellowship
  8. Pediatric Interest Group          
  9. Grupo Interés de Anestesiología
  10. Emergency Interest Group
  11. Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group
  12. Obstetrics and Gynecology & Women’s Health
  13. SJB Mini Med
  14. Oncology Interest Group
  15. Dermatology Interest Group Association
  16. Infectious Diseases Interest Group
  17. AMWA American Medical Women Association 768px Instagram icon
  18. Por Una Sonrisa
  19. SJB: PAWS Impacting Lives in the Medical Community
  20. Ped Meds
  21. American Medical Society of Sport Medicine Association
  22. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  23. Clinical Reasoning Interest Group
  24. Interdisciplinary Autoimmune Disease
  25. Pathology Interest Group
  26. SJB Psychiatry Interest Group
  27. SJB Student Interest Group in Neurology
  28. Por Una Sonrisa
  29. Asociación Enfermería SJB
  30. Bioethics Organization
  31. Movilización Comunitaria San Juan Bautista
  32. Deaf Community & Health Alliance