A seven-member Board of Trustees reviews and approves general policies and governs the operations of the school. This body, drawn from the community, has responsibility for assuring that the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine (SJBSM) complies with and adheres to its mission, vision, and objectives.  All trustees are committed to SJBSM’s well-being and progress.

The President/Dean of the school is appointed by the Board of Trustees and is the Chief Executive Officer of SJBSM. The President/Dean supervises all the operational aspects of the school, including the finances, academic programs, and planning. The administration is comprised of a Dean of Administration/Human Resources; a Dean of Academic Affairs; a Dean for Health Sciences; four Associate Deans as follows: Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Associate Dean of Biomedical Sciences, Associate Dean of Clinical Sciences, Associate Dean Master in Public Health; Associate Dean of Nursing program; the Director of the Master in Physician Assistant program; the Director of the SJB Research Center, the Director of Finance Office, Director of the Library Resources,and the Director of Information Technology Department.

 Board of Trustees

Dr. Acisclo Marxuach President
Atty. Jorge Torres Treasurer
Mr. Pablo Meléndez Secretary
Atty. Margarita Cepero Member
Mrs. Uka Green Member
Atty. Eduardo Artau Member
Mr. Michael Rosa Member


Members of the Administration

Yocasta Brugal, M.D. President/Dean
Irvin Maldonado-Rivera, Ph.D. Dean of Academic Affairs
José Ginel Rodríguez, MD, FAAP Dean of Health Sciences
Carlos F. Abreu, B.B.A. Dean of Administration/Human Resources
Juan C. Castro, B.B.A. Director of Finance Office
Yolanda Miranda, Psy.D. Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Mirian Ramos, M.D. Associate Dean of Clinical Sciences
Yaritza Inostroza, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Biomedical Sciences
Yaritza Díaz-Algorri, DrPH Associate Dean of Graduate Programs (MPH)
Elizabeth Padilla, Ed. D, RN, MSN, PCA Associate Dean of Nursing Program
Luis A. Ramos, PA-C Emeritus Physician Assistant Program Director
Estela Estapé, M.T., Ph.D., DHL Director of SJB Research Center
Carlos Altamirano, M.S. Director of Library Resources
Jorge Luis Torres-Ramos, M.S. Director of Information Technology Department