Our primary goal is to instruct our students during their first and second years of Medicine the skills, abilities and knowledge that will be applied during the clinical years. The Deanship is also responsible of promoting and developing research among faculty and students.

We offer an advanced educational program in the biomedical sciences for the first two years of the medical curriculum. The program is structured in a manner which will increase in our students their awareness of the health needs of our community, familiarize students with their responsibilities as future doctors and leaders in the community, and develop the capacity for critical thinking and research which will enable them to improve the health and quality of life of our population. With this philosophy of education our School will produce graduates who will fulfill its stated mission with the highest professional and ethical principles.

Principal duties and responsibilities of the Associate Dean for Biomedical Sciences and Research include:

  • Coordinates the biomedical sciences curriculum and related activities to ensure the strengthening and development of academic affairs.
  • Coordinates research activities and projects of faculty and students.
  • Participates in the development of new research affiliations and collaborations.
  • Advises and informs the Academic Dean, generally and specifically, on all academic affairs, new educational developments, technologies and systems.
  • Conducts an ongoing evaluation of academic programs, directing improvements and necessary adjustments, and reporting the results to the Dean for Academic Affairs.
  • Initiates, promotes, and enforces norms and standards for academic personnel and academic programs.
  • Recommends to the Academic Dean the appointments of new faculty members.
  • Initiates, promotes, supervises, and reports to the Academic Dean all efforts to upgrade the quality of the teaching staff.
  • Participates in several institutional committees.
  • Performs other related duties, as delegated by the Academic Dean or President/Dean.