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Early Decision Program (EDP)

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Early Decision at San Juan Bautista School of Medicine (SJBSM) is a binding early decision program and is a suitable option for exceptionally well qualified candidates who know they wish to attend SJBSM. The Office of Admissions agrees to process the application expeditiously and will provide a decision prior to October 1. The applicant agrees to refrain from applying to other medical schools until our Committee on Admissions reaches a decision and further agrees that, should an acceptance be offered, he/she will attend SJBSM and will not submit applications to any other medical school.

To apply through the Early Decision Program (EDP), applicants must follow these guidelines:

  1. Apply to only one U.S. medical school by the stated deadline date (August 1 for schools that participate in AMCAS);
  2. Provide the school with all required supplemental information by the stated deadline date (August 1 for those schools that participate in AMCAS); and
  3. Attend only this school if offered a place under the EDP.

If these guidelines are met, applicants will be notified of the school's admission decision by October 1.

If not accepted under the EDP, applicants will automatically be placed in the regular applicant pool by the school and may then apply to additional schools. EDP regulations apply to both AMCAS and non-AMCAS participating schools.

Only some medical schools offer admission through the Early Decision Program. Since most participating schools only admit a small portion of their entering class through the program, only applicants with an excellent chance of admission to a particular school should apply under this program.

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