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Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

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In order to meet the federal requirements and comply with the U.S. Department of Education requirements for eligibility for federal student financial aid, the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine has established a Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. This policy applies to all students enrolled in our institution, regardless of the program and the funds used to pay institutional fees.

The federal student aid programs of Title IV requires that each student receiving aid funds meet the criteria established in the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

The Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy of SJBSM has six (5) important elements:

Element #1: Completed Credits and Minimum Grade Point Average

The first factor to consider in the evaluation is the number of completed credits, compared with the number of credits attempted by each student. Annually the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine will determine the satisfactory academic progress of each student, in which the student must meet the required credits established by year of study.

Element #2: Minimum Grade Point Average

The second factor to consider is the minimum grade point average required. The school requires that students maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 within a 4.0 scale in all the programs offered.

Element #3: Maximum Chronological Time

To establish the maximum chronological time allowed within this policy, the possibility of a leave of absence of one year or a change of program has been considered:

MD Program

Program Maximum Chronological Time to Complete Program
Four-Year Regular Program Maximum Time of Six* Years

*Students that participate of Title IV Program, will only be covered for five years.

MPH Program

Program Maximum Chronological Time to Complete Program
Two-Year Regular Program Maximum Time of Three Years


MPH Program

Program Maximum Chronological Time to Complete Program
Four-Year Regular Program Maximum Time of Five Years


Element #4: Probation and Dismissal

When Mid-term evaluations are submitted, if a student is identified to be at risk of not meeting the satisfactory progress policies at the end of the year, then the student will be placed on a financial aid warning. The status of financial warning will be valid for one payment period only.

If a student does not comply with the satisfactory progress policies, in terms of approved credits (element #1, or does not achieve a minimum grade point average at the end of the school year (element #2), or does not complete the program by the maximum chronological time established (element #3), then the Student Evaluation and Promotions Committee will determine if the student is to be dismissed from the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine. Should the Committee recommend that the student repeats the academic year, a specific recommendation will be submitted to the Dean for Academic Affairs for approval. The Academic Dean shall make the final decision.

Students who failed to meet the satisfactory progress policies and were placed in financial probation will lose their eligibility for financial aid. Students may appeal the decision of ineligibility on the basis of: injury, illness, death of a relative, any other special circumstance. To do so, the student must submit in writing to the Student Evaluation and Promotions Committee a letter stating how these events altered his/her capacity to meet the satisfactory progress policies, and specifying the personal situation changes that have occurred that will allow him/her to fully comply with the requirements in the next evaluation period. Evidence of the changes and events must be made available for the appeal. If the school approves the petition, the student will be granted a financial probation status for one payment period. During this time, the student will be eligible for financial aid. The student will retain his/her eligibility only when actions have been taken to fulfill the satisfactory progress policies.

The elements that establish the maximum time frame and the maximum chronological time to complete the program do not apply to veterans’ aid beneficiaries. These students must complete the program during the regular time established in the curricular scheme. They will not be able to continue receiving financial aid for those credits that exceed the usual curricular scheme and time frame.

Element #5: Changes to the Academic Program or Requirements

Any changes made to the academic program or to the requirements for program completion will apply only to those students admitted on or after the effective date of the curricular program changes.



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