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Department of Library and Technology Resources

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The Library's services, which must include up to date sources of information, are essential for the educational mission.

The Library facilities are divided in the following areas: Study Room, Electronic Center, Computer Aided Instruction Laboratory (CAI), Individual Study Area, Serial Publications Collection, Information Literacy Room, Audiovisual Equipment Room, Photocopiers Room, and collections of Reference, Reserve and Circulation.

There are books that enhance the Basic Sciences and Clinical Sciences academic program, which extends to the following areas: Anatomy, Histology/Cell Biology, Embryology, Public Health, Medical Physiology, Family Medicine, Physical Diagnosis, Neurosciences, Biochemistry/Nutrition, Pathology, Immunology, Microbiology, Legal Medicine, Human Behavior, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Introduction to Clinical Medicine, Psychiatry, Human Genetics, Medical Ethics, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Medical Subspecialties.

San Juan Bautista School of Medicine being aware of the fundamental function of the Library, has supported the steps to enhance the collections, supplies technical equipment, and provides an excellent service that responds to the customer's needs.

The printed and non-printed resources are diverse and specialized in the field of medicine, and comprise the necessary and essential resources recommended by the Faculty, the Library Committee, the Students, and the Librarians. This collection is enhanced with books and serial publications recommended by the Medical Library Association through the Selected List of Books and Journals for Small Medical Library and Baker & Taylor, YBP Library Services.

All Library resources can be found in the address below: http://www.sanjuanbautista.edu

The Collection inventory is divided in the following collections:

Reserve (updated) 657 Permanent
Circulation 2,219
Reference 183
Public Health 150
Special Collection in Psychiatric 985
Rare Books 34
Printed Journal 139
Audiovisuals 216
Electronic Journals
-OVID Full Text Online
-Springer Link Data Base Full Text (ONLINE)

Electronic Books 3,690
Virtual Books 151
Visual Histology 50 DVD
Physical Examinations 15 DVD
  • Access Medicine
  • Access Surgery
  • Access Emergency Medicine
  • Anatomy TV
  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Clinical Key
    • Every major medical and surgical specialty is covered by the comprehensive content available in Clinical Key.
    • Books - over 1,025 of Elsevier's medical and surgical reference books
    • Journals - over 500 of Elsevier's medical and surgical journals
    • Procedures Consult - all Procedures Consult content and associated procedural videos in various specialties
    • First Consult - over 800 Point-of-Care clinical monographs
    • Patient Education - over 15,000 patient education handouts
    • Clinical Trials - all clinical trials from the ClinicalTrials.gov database
    • Practice Guidelines - over 4,000 practice guidelines
    • MEDLINE - fully indexed MEDLINE abstracts
    • Multimedia - over 13,000 medical and surgical videos and over 5 million images
  • Exam Master
  • Exam Master Urgent Care CME
  • Exam Master Outline
  • Global Health
  • Social Science Full Text Journals
  • EBSCO host Research Database
    • Social Science Full Text
    • Medline Complete
    • DynaMed
  • MedU
    • A worldwide consortium of medical educators working together to transforms health care education though the effective use of technology.
  • OVID
    • EBM Reviews - ACP Journal Club EBM Reviews - Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials
    • EBM Reviews - Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
    • EBM Reviews - Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects
    • All EBM Reviews - Cochrane DSR, ACP Journal Club, DARE, and CCTR
      Ovid MEDLINE(R) Daily Update

Also Access via Internet:

26 DVD-program basic histology courses
V01: Use of the Light Microscope
V02: The Cell
V03: Epithelial Tissue
V04: Connective Tissue
V05: Blood
V06: Cartilage
V07: Bone
V08: Muscle
V09: Nerve
V10: Skin
V11: Circulatory System
V12: Respiratory System
V13: Oral Cavity
V14: Esophagus and Stomach
V15: Small & Large Intestine
V16: Liver & Gall Bladder
V17: Pancreas
V18: Urinary System
V19: Lymph Nodes, Spleen, Thymus
V20: Male Reproductive System
V21: Female Reprod. System - Part 1
V22: Female Reprod. System - Part 2
V23: Endocrine System
V24: Ear, Nose & Tongue
V25: Eye
V26: Final Examination
24 Power Point Programs for lecture and lab presentations
1: The Cell
2: Epithelial Tissue
3: Connective Tissue
4: Blood
5: Cartilage
6: Bone
7: Muscle
8: Nervous Tissue
9: Skin
10: The Circulatory system
11: The Respiratory system
12: The Oral Cavity
13: The Esophagus and Stomach
14: The Small and Large Intestine
15: The Liver and Gall Bladder
16: The Pancreas
17: The Urinary System
18: The Organs of the Immune and System
19: The Male Reproductive System
20: Ovary and Fallopian Tube
21: Uterus, Cervix, Vagina and Mammary Gland
22: The Endocrine System
23: The Nose, Tongue and Ear
24: The Eye

Two hundred seventeen (217) serials titles online through OVID (OVID Technologies, Inc.), 397 serial titles online and 3,690 EBooks through SpringerLink. In addition it has: Cochrane Data Systematic Reviews which are full text articles and protocols focusing on the effects of Healthcare, Database of Abstracts of Review of Effectiveness, which are abstracts of effects of health care from around the world, and Cochrane Controlled Register Trails Register, which is a bibliography of controlled trials, as part of international effort to hand search the world's journals; in addition to an Internet Resources access of medical and educational interest.

  • Clinical Pharmacology : Global Drug Name Directory—WORLDWIDE DRUG INFORMATION (On line)
  • Clinical Key: Every major medical and surgical specialty is covered by the comprehensive content available in Clinical Key which include Book, Journals, Procedures Consult, First Consult, Patient Education, Clinical Trial, Practice Guideline, Medline

The Library/LRC offers to authorize users the following services:

  • Lending of audiovisual equipment and resources
  • Preparation of Faculty bibliographies
  • Reserve of printed and non printed materials
  • Projection of audiovisual material
  • Interlibrary loan (DOCLINE) Free of charge
  • Photocopies with coin-operated machines (In agreement with the Intellectual Property Law, as amended)
  • Computers service
  • Information Literacy
  • Reference services

In addition to the mentioned services above, the Library periodically carries out the following activities:

  • Monthly exhibitions with reference to the proclamations of each month
  • Educational workshops
  • Books exhibitions
  • Book fairs
  • Celebration of the Library Week and Educational Week

Among the new services included are:

  • Instruction to compiled bibliographies (PROCITE)
  • Data store units in rewriteable CD-RW; Pen-drive
  • Internet access (wireless)
  • Interlibrary loan with DOCLINE. (no cost)

Service Hours
The Library service hours are:

Monday to Thursday
8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
8:00 AM -9:00 PM
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
12:00 M - 9:00 PM

Library Memberships

Medical Library Association, American Library Association, ACURIL (Association of Caribbean Universities Research Libraries), OCLC (Online Computer Library Center), National Library of Medicine. National Network of Libraries of Medicine.

The Information Literacy:

Research, Information Literacy and Evidence based medicine haven integrated trough the four years. Nevertheless the student gets library orientation in permanent form by the personnel of the Library, also for a better use of the databases such as Access Medicine, Access Surgery and Access Emergency Medicine; they are provided with tutorial programs installed in the School’s webpage. The database OVID is provided with characteristics that allow the student to choose qualified literature (PEER REVIEW). Technology of images and DVD online is incorporated in databases such as Anatomy TV, which is used by the students in the Anatomy laboratory. The DVD can be gained access online by Access Surgery and other data bases.


  • Permanent update of the printed collection
  • Increase new databases
  • Remote access to databases (EzXy Proxy)

Academic Calendar

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