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Council on Higher Education of Puerto Rico (CHE-PR)

The Council of Higher Education of Puerto Rico is the governmental agency with the responsibility to coordinate the efforts related to the higher education in Puerto Rico.

Among its functions are:
  1. to authorize and to give monitoring to the administration of new institutions of higher education, and periodically review the existing.
  2. to authorize new academic offerings.
  3. to distribute funds of economic aids for the student.
  4. to obtain data and statistical related to the higher education, and to establish the public politics of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico related to the higher education.
Consejo de Educación Superior de Puerto Rico
PO Box 19900 San Juan Puerto Rico 00910-1900
Tel. (787) 724-7100 Fax (787)725-2150



The Commission on Higher Education is the unit of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools that accredits degree-granting colleges and universities in the Middle States region. It examines the institution as a whole, rather than specific programs within the institution.

The Middle Commission on Higher Education is a voluntary, non governmental, peer based membership association dedicated to educational excellence and improvement through peer evaluation and accreditation. As a recognized leader in promoting and ensuring quality assurance and improvement in higher education, the Commission defines, maintains, and promotes educational excellence and responds creatively to a diverse, dynamic, global higher education community that is continually evolving.

Middle States Commission on Higher Education
3624 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Main Phone Number (267) 284–5000 Fax (215) 662–5501

  Board of Medical Examiners of Puerto Rico             

               Recognized by the Board of Medical Examiners of Puerto Rico. P.O. Box 13969, San Juan PR 00908. Tel. (787) 782-8949 /
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